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Peter Trifelly

Peter Trifelly

Mackay, Queensland

+61 419 781 020


Peter Trifelly is a certified business coach with an insatiable appetite for all things business. Growing and developing a high performance, profitable business and having fun along the way is what gets Peter excited and out of bed every day. He has an uncompromising commitment to business excellence, a laser like focus on being “valuable” and creating the remarkable. These are the core values that motivate and inspire Peter.

His interest in business was forged very young by his entrepreneurial parents who operated two businesses in Mackay.  Following school, he studied business management and accounting and returned to Mackay following the sudden death of his father to manage the struggling family business at age 21.  It was a tough time, but it was here that he discovered the deep personal reward that comes with overcoming the challenges associated with growing a business.

Over the following seven years he was instrumental in increasing production output by 300% and returning the business to a solid profit. Following on from this, he worked in agriculture and banking before acquiring a one third interest in a small tax agent practice. Together with his business partners, he was again instrumental in transforming the business from a four-person basic tax practice to a fully-fledged accounting and financial services firm employing 13 employees. In 2016 Peter completed his MBA with the University of Southern Queensland graduating in the top 15%. He has served on the Mackay Region Chamber of Commerce management committee for six years fulfilling both the Vice President and Treasurer roles, furthering his business knowledge and understanding of the challenges faced by business owners.

Over his nearly 30 years in business, Peter’s gained a wealth of business knowledge from real life on the ground experience across various industries and his insatiable appetite for learning and personal development. Now partnering with ActionCOACH, the world’s number one business coaching firm, Peter has a powerful arsenal of simple but effective tools, tactics, and strategies to inspire and support his clients to grow their businesses and create a remarkable life for themselves and their family.

There is no time like the present, to get started on your dreams and goals. If you are ready to move your business to the next level, contact Peter today for a complimentary, no obligation consultation and discover for yourself how you can change the way you do business and achieve the results you deserve.    


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