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Leah Baldwin

Leah Baldwin

Certified Business Coach

Balclutha, New Zealand

+64 27 426 1500


You can expect to be challenged. Expect me to be your unreasonable friend. I bring drive,  optimism, fun, accountability and achievement to your table.
Age  45 I found myself on my own. It’s a long story best told over a good wine.For the first time, I was responsible for my life but how did I want to live it? I faced challenges. A broken marriage left me with debt well beyond my earning capacity. Determined to turn my life around, emotionally and financially, I developed a doggedness to do whatever it would take, to climb out of this situation. It was not  a question of if but how.

I had always been entrepreneurial with a passion for business – a calculated risk taker.

So I called on all the skills I possessed,  honed a few new ones and began to claw my way out of the trenches.

I established a number of businesses –  because one is not enough!

I got on top of my debt, rediscovered a zest for life, and made my dream of living in a beautiful rural setting with my four – legged companions reality.

My journey is  evolving…

Today I’m Leah Baldwin – Mother, grandmother, life stylist,  business owner and trusted friend. I live my life authentically and with balance.

It is truly possible for you to achieve, what you want, you just need to know how and be committed to the process. Let me support and encourage you, because together, you’ll get there faster, performing at levels you never thought possible.


Why work with me?

Like the majority of business owners, I entered the world of ownership and self employment full of plans, good intentions and energy, but with a  gap in the “how to run your own business” manual.

So I did what most of us do. Learnt by trial and error. Made decisions based on gut feel ( I don’t recommend that).

I didn’t know what I didn’t know, until I discovered it. You know, the problem with gut feelings is that they are often emotionally driven and in business we need to use our heads, think objectively.

Looking back I would have reached the “Uh-huh” moment sooner and with less stress, had I engaged a mentor to help me make sense of it all. To hold me accountable. To help me navigate the minefield.

Owning a business can be an underfunded, overworked experience that feels more like a job than a path to financial freedom.

It should be a productive, emotionally rewarding path to financial independence.


As your Coach

Together, we will align your personal and business goals, then  identify clear, achievable and measurable steps for you to implement that will see you moving steadfastly forward.

Through this process you will gain the tools and knowledge to set solid foundations, enabling you to achieve a profitable, sustainable income in a business that works for you.

We will analyse your finances using a simple method that will make clear where your priorities ought to be.

Our objective will be creating balance and purpose in all areas of your business and life.


Who I work with

  • Small to medium size business owners based in the South Island.
  • People who are prepared to do whatever it takes.
  • People who are committed and ready to take control of their future,  not someday but NOW.


If this is you. get in touch and let’s get started.




“I have worked with Leah for approx. 6 years, and have found her to be thoroughly professional, honest, loyal, detail orientated, discreet and always on time. She has had to deal with many complex issues and come up with resolutions that please all parties.

She is hardworking, honest, has a great sense of humour and I thoroughly recommend her and her business skills and hope to continue to work with Leah in the future.“

– Shelley Kreiger, Director 0f Moos 4 U Ltd

Coach Leah Baldwin

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