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Ian Lane

Ian Lane

Certified Business Coach

Salter Point, Western Australia

+61 412 919 176

Ian Lane is a Business Owner, Entrepreneur and World Standard Business Coach who helps business owners get even better – by achieving positive, lasting change in results and behaviour: for themselves, their people and their teams.

As a coach and consultant in ActionCOACH, Ian is recognised in the top 5 % of coaches worldwide. With a degree in Business and Business information systems and 30 years of business ownership experience, Ian’s credibility, experience and qualifications speak for themselves.
With clients growing their businesses by millions of dollars and learning how to take time out of the business, Ian’s success in the field is a fact.
Ian is a successful sportsperson who has completed events such as Ironman, long distance Yacht races, Windsurfing Competition internationally and many other achievements. The determination and resolve it takes to achieve those goals is what Ian brings to the business world.
In recent surveys, I ran amongst business owners, the statistics I found showed that a stunning 80% of business owners are so caught up IN the business, that they don’t have time to do what is needed to grow the business by working ON the business.
Getting past that mindset and realising that there is a different way is what I specialise in.

With a highly profitable business, you the business owner can afford to train the team better. With more profit, you can invest in better systems. And combining the 2 of these you can achieve goals you never thought possible.
My goal is to save the world one business at a time and to do that I choose to help as many businesses as possible become “a commercial, profitable, enterprise that works without you.
Ian likes to keep things simple, so the strategies you apply will be practical and easy to implement in your business … and of course, bring results.

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