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Darren Silsby

Darren Silsby

Certified Business Coach

Rochedale South, Queensland

+61 04 34 450 692

4 Most Important Things to Know About Your Business Coach: Darren Silsby are…

A Coach who get results…

Darren Silsby, ActionCOACH Local Area Manager for Sunny Queensland has a track record of turning run of the mill organizations into high-performance teams where individuals feel valued and owners get great results. He helps business owners grow from an “owner wears all hats” approach to the development of a results-driven and profitable team, allowing the business owner to focus on the areas that he or she enjoys. Darren is so confident in his ability to help eager business owners, that he will only offer to coach a business if he can guarantee results.

An Accomplished Professional…

From a successful past of process systemisation, professional training, business management and team leadership and through working in locations across the world Darren has gained skills in guiding businesses to increase profits, control their time and develop winning teams. His passions are helping people fulfil their potential, building unity in teams and questioning the why of any system; the guidance of these passions and the ActionCOACH system are what enables Darren to build platforms that enable growth built on a strong foundation.

The Knowledge To Help You Grow…

As an ActionCOACH, Darren belongs to a network of over 1,000 business coaches in 46 countries. With this network of brain power, along with his Bachelor of Science degree in Design Engineering, and over 1,000 hours of professional training in the world of Business and Manufacturing, Darren is skilled at breaking down complex issues into simple steps and has the tools to help his clients succeed.

A Devoted Family man who likes to give back…

Darren has been married to Pepa Silsby, local Kinesiologist, for 14 years. As a couple, their dedication is focused on providing love, growth and balance to their 3 amazing children. As a family they are active in the community, regularly running children’s programs and youth groups in their local church group. They also enjoy volunteering in their kids’ school, assisting in the classroom, swimming lessons and other events. Darren also runs mindset and communication events to help individuals and communities fulfil their potential.

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