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Brad Flynn

Brad Flynn

Certified Business Coach

Brendale, Queensland

+61 412 552 830

Brad has over 20 years of business experience in a range of industries. He has worked in both Australia and the USA in Project Management, Service, Sporting and Engineering industries. His specific focus is on the implementation of profit growth, systems, marketing, sales, and building qualified and motivated teams.

Brad has owned and managed several successful businesses in Australia, including health and fitness, electrical consulting, and signage. He is passionate about understanding the ‘heart’ of a business and taking a simple step by step approach to see it thrive.

Brad is a Licensed ActionCOACH Business Coach He has benchmarked in the top 100 coaches worldwide, placing him in the top 7% of Action Coaches globally. He strongly supports the many systems and methodologies in the ActionCOACH business improvement program. Brad has experienced the full cycle of business coaching when he was involved with Action as a client. He built and sold that business for 103% profit in 16 months.

Brad and has studied directly under ActionCOACH founder Brad Sugars as part of the Entrepreneurs’ training program.

Brad is a recognised international keynote speaker presenting simple and “use immediately” strategies in a fun and memorable learning experience. He is a regularly found delivering powerful presentations using his unique style to business owners around the world.

Brad has been involved in several successful teams, both on and off the sporting field. Having been an integral part of the Sydney Olympic overlay team at Stadium Australia, knowing what it takes to find and create dream teams is one of Brad’s passions.

Family is of great importance to Brad. He loves spending as much time as possible with 8 year old son Bradon and 7 year old daughter Layney. When he is not playing with his 2 beautiful children you will find him sitting on his balcony reading whilst occasionally enjoying a glass of nice red wine.

Target Market – Trade based business owners with open minds and turnover of $400k or above, in business less than 5 years, recently or about to married, working long hours and making good money but time poor.


“ When I first got a call from ActionCOACH I was very sceptical and didn’t believe I needed coaching. After all, who was going to teach me more about my business that I didn’t already know?! I decided to meet with Brad after a quick telephone discussion with him piqued my curiosity. Certainly his approach to business was similar to my own – except I realised I wasn’t actually implementing the approach that I knew was right. I realised at that moment that Brad’s role as a coach was as much about keeping me honest and at the top of my game. And not taking “no” for an answer! After spending a few sessions with Brad I came to the realisation that my business was failing and I didn’t even know. Through Brad’s coaching and discipline, I’ve managed to turn around a business that was losing money into a business making a healthy profit within 4 months. Brad showed me the path – I acted upon it. Brad helped me understand that running a successful business had nothing to do with working harder. In fact, in the process of turning the business around I’ve gone from working 70hrs+ per week down to a manageable 50 hours per week – with the goal to be at 40 hours per week in the next 3 months (with half of that time working “on” the business!) Moving forward I’m looking forward to actually having a business again – a business that works for me and not the other way around. I can’t thank Brad enough for his involvement and support in making this happen. ”

Ben Stokes – Managing Director – Cru Digital

Coach Brad Flynn

“ I have been working with Brad for just on 6 years now and couldn’t be happier with the progress I’ve made. Before Brad walked into my gym I was trapped in my business with no real way out. I was working crazy hours, was stressed and was taking home less money than I could have working for someone else. Since I met Brad my life is awesome! I wake up with a vision of what I’m working towards, I have systems in place so if I want to take a holiday I can and I make more money with far less effort. I have seen my business grow to now having 36 outlets around the country and in India and a multi-million dollar business, in the time Brad has been coaching me and now my results are continuing to skyrocket at an even faster rate. I think the biggest difference Brad has made to my business is helping me become a better person. The business really is a reflection of its leadership and by helping me improve myself, Brad has helped PEPT well on its way to global fitness industry domination! I couldn’t recommend this guy more! Invest in yourself and reap the rewards. ”

Jacob McLuskie – Positive Existance Personal Training

Coach Brad Flynn

“ I needed someone to guide me, educate me and teach me the in’s and out of the business world, as I was just an average tradie taking a leap of faith with no particular direction in mind. I had seen one of my closest friends using “Brad Flynn” for business coaching. Seeing these guys do very well in their business that was thriving, it made want to start working with a business coach. In our first session, Brad instantly saved me a vast amount of money not only at the time but probably millions of dollars over the years that I will be in business. Being just a tradesman I didn’t see outside the box and naive to running a business After the first session, I knew I found that person to keep driving me, challenge me and step out my comfort zone, as this is what I thrive off. Today, I look at other business owners (which are twice my age) and see how poorly or mismanaged their business is because they lack knowledge of running a PROFITABLE business. To sum it up, since starting business coaching. I have increased my turn over by over 125 X, increased my profit by 100 X, been finalist and won awards for business, created a great working culture among my team, systemise my business and all in a time less than 3 years. You don’t have to be an educated person to do business coaching, you just need the dedicated and drive. I wouldn’t have achieved or even came close to these goals if it wasn’t for Brad. ”

Brad Edwards – Managing Director – QPT Electrical

Coach Brad Flynn

“ If you are tossing up whether or not you should engage a business coach – just do it!! And Brad Flynn is your man! I can’t thank Brad enough for the personal development path he has opened up for me. So many learnings but one thing keeps ringing in my ears – your business can not outgrow you! In order to get your business to the next level you really need to work on yourself, your mindset and any limiting beliefs that may be holding you back. Through working with Brad I have learnt that having a vision and purpose for your business or why you are in that business, that really resonates with you, and is aligned with your highest values, is so very important. Knowing your WHY and really believing in it, helps you to be able to persevere and persist through all the challenges and fears you will face as you grow your business. Having a business coach helps keep you accountable and focused. However, one of the best factors about working with Brad is being able to learn from and collaborate with his other client’s through Brad’s Business Olympians – awesome concept, where learning and supporting each other is encouraged and opens up a network of like-minded business owners for you to connect with. ”

Julie Aquilina – XL Books, Registered BAS Agents & Xero Training Specialists

Coach Brad Flynn

“ I have been self-employed for almost 18 years and have known for some time now that I wanted to take my business to the next level, but knew I needed help. By chance, I went to listen to Brad and when I heard him speak, I knew that this was right, it was much more than just about making money. I have been coached by Brad since September 2010 and although I still have a long way to go, the more strategies I learn and put into place, the more confidence and control I have in my business and my personal life. The support I have been shown on a business and personal level has been far greater than I would ever have expected. Never once have I felt that I was doing this on my own and I now know that I will achieve my goals with the knowledge and support of Brad and the ActionCOACH team.”

Lynn Mather – FMG Hair

Coach Brad Flynn

“ As a relatively new business, I had been looking for ways to take my company to a new level. In March 2011, I was put in contact with Brad from ActionCOACH and over a 3 month period I have seen my business grow and transform beyond my expectations. A key focus that I wanted to take away from working with Brad was Staff Management and how to get the most out of my staff. Over the 6 sessions with Brad, we have implemented significant changes in the everyday management of the Salon and it has provided an opportunity for me to learn core business skills in order to continually expand and grow my business. The results have been immediate (both financially and managerially) with all of my staff being motivated by the changes and taking greater ownership for their own performances. A noticeable change from my perspective has been that by empowering my staff it has enabled me to take a step back (difficult to do when you like to be in control) and focus more on the overall performance of the business. The whole process has been an extremely beneficial experience and has put strong foundations in place which will facilitate the growth of the Salon in the short-medium term. If you’re a business owner who feels like you are constantly going through the same old processes and not getting the desired results out of your business then I strongly recommend getting in touch with Brad – you will not be disappointed!”

Kimberley Staff – Rustic Blend Hair Studio

Coach Brad Flynn

“ As a person who considers themselves quite proficient in my field of expertise in Commercial Real Estate, I was quite confident that when someone suggested I should use a business coach to improve my sales and overall success I virtually laughed it off. How on earth could this Business Coach possibly help me? How wrong I was. Only after one meeting with Brad, I had already improved my performance and re-focused on my goals. It wasn’t about teaching me how to do new things. It was how to understand what I was doing already and do it better and in a more focused manner. Brad’s help has been invaluable in improving my sales and leasing results and would highly recommend him to anyone who thinks they are already doing well or are looking to improve their working position. ”

Phillip Grant – Harcourts HIA

Coach Brad Flynn

“ The Redcliffe Police Citizens Youth Club (PCYC) is a not for profit charity and was fortunate to have Brad provide his services pro bono under the Coaching for a Cause Program. Amongst other things, this program is designed to help groups such as ours gain valuable coaching skills so that our organisation can be better equipped to handle the business realities of running such an organisation. This in turns helps us to deliver better services to the community. The education and support provided by Brad have been invaluable to the Redcliffe PCYC. It has helped us in many ways including recruitment & management our staff, training & education, system development and analysis, sales and marketing and goal setting and planning. He has also provided fantastic personal development for myself and my senior staff. The changes we have seen during this time have been incredible and the club is in better shape than ever. I cannot recommend Brad highly enough and recommend him to anyone wishing to grow their business. ”

Peter Parkes, Branch Manager- Redcliffe PCYC

Coach Brad Flynn

“ Running multiple business interests often meant that we were losing focus on the critical areas and thus were not completing the most important tasks to help us get the results we wanted. Having Brad from ActionCOACH work with us has helped us to get very clear about exactly what we want from our business and our personal lives than working out strategies to help us get there as well as keeping us accountable to get those results. As our coach, Brad has added tremendous value by challenging us to always go to that next level as well as look out our own beliefs about what is possible. He provides sound objective external advice as well as a wealth of resources from the ActionCOACH system to assist us in achieving our desired results. If you are wanting to go to the next level with your business, I would highly recommend Brad and his team at ActionCOACH to show you how to get there. ”

John Campbell – Principal – Campbell Scott Group

Coach Brad Flynn

“ BCD Technologies engaged Action Coach Brad Flynn in order to provide mentoring and development of a few key staff whom the business identified would benefit from training to develop their roles. The coaching led to the involvement of both management and the key team members for the business becoming involved and working on team building, role understanding and focussing on becoming driven and accountable for the business. The process has raised the bar at which our business performs and I have seen an increase in the morale of our work team. It also made me think more about my role in managing the business and reinforced the standard that I need to set to get the most from the business. ”

Daniel Allen – General Manager BCD Technologies

Coach Brad Flynn

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