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Bill Stack

Bill Stack

Certified Business Coach

Pacific Pines, Queensland

+61 498 620 721

1. A Coach Who Gets You Results…
Over the last 8 years, Bill has helped over 300 business owners achieve their goals and take their business to the next level in both the U.S. and Australian markets. In 2015 alone, his clients have achieved double and triple-digit growth in profitability, accomplished through improvements in sales, marketing, team training, systems development and strategic planning. He helps business owners grow from an “owner wears all hats” approach to development of a results-driven and profitable team, allowing the business owner to focus on the areas that he or she enjoys. Bill is so confident in his ability to help eager business owners, that he will only offer to coach a business if he can guarantee results.

2. An Accomplished Business Professional…
Bill is an entrepreneur that has co-founded successful businesses in addition to making time to coach worthy business owners (some were co-founded, or “coach-founded” with clients and others with partners). These businesses are: Storm Damage Solutions, a roof repair and insurance claim management firm, and Urban Clean Office Cleaning Specialists, a company he coached from less than $20K per month in revenue to over $200K per month in less than a year.

3. Pretty Darn Smart…
But Bill doesn’t pretend to know it all. As an ActionCOACH, Bill belongs to a network of over 1,000 business coaches in 55 countries. With this network of brain power, his M.B.A. with a Technology Management focus and a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management, Bill is skilled at breaking down complex issues into simple steps, and has the tools to help his clients succeed

4. A Dedicated Entrepreneur Mentor
Bill forges entrepreneurs out of business owners. He personally has walked this path successfully and has helped others reach that level as well. He selects his coaching clients with great care as a result, only choosing those who understand the tremendous motivating and focusing value of choosing to make the needed investment in themselves so as to grow to be a truly free entrepreneur.


“ It’s not often I open up about this but in August 2012 we were on the verge of bankruptcy as a start-up business we were really struggling and I turned to Bill from Action Coach and asked for Help! After a long consultation with Bill we decided to go right back to basics and with Bill’s marketing knowledge and encouragement we basically worked around the clock together to implement various direct mail marketing campaigns, satisfaction guarantees, strategies, plans and goals not only to introduce to new clientele but also to give us some clear direction at where we were heading. Without a doubt, if it were not for Bill and the ActionCOACH program we would have gone broke. Our numbers instantly started to rise month after month until we were hitting our targets consistently and we now have a profitable business and life is on the rise again, we have achieved nearly every goal we set in the beginning and can really see the benefits of having a great business coach. It gives me pleasure to recommend Bill Stack to anyone looking for that competitive edge and wanting to build a profitable business. Bill has a great understanding of what it takes to succeed and showed me that hard work and consistency brings the rewards. ”

Steve Moreels – Envirotech Pressure Cleaning

Coach Bill Stack

“ I cannot speak highly enough of the ActionCOACH system and Bill Stack’s skill at helping me apply it to my business. Everything is so clear. The six steps that they talk about make so much sense. You just build that foundation for your business and there are no unknowns anymore that stop progress. Bill helped me know all the elements that I need to focus on. There is nothing else that is more important, and as long as I follow the system, I get the great results I enjoy today. Speaking of results from working with Bill, we’ve grown from a small office cleaning company with three employees to a full-blown, modernized franchise in one year! Bill has this uncanny ability to see solutions that make an immediate difference for the next week, the next month and the whole direction of the business. ”

Damien Boehm – Urban Clean Franchise Headquarters

Coach Bill Stack

“  As business owners, we found that the bigger the business grew the harder we worked… In the same period, our business grew too quick and we fell into manufacturing chaos. In September 2013 sales had declined with repeat customers halving their order volume and no sight of new customers. That is when we heard of ActionCoach and Bill Stack. At that time our business still relied on the owners for daily management and business development. Nothing moved forward without the owners input. Having worked with Bill for nearly a year, our mindset and direction has changed drastically. We have found the focus with ActionCOACH has been to introduce business procedures that are focussed on generating sales which improves profit and finances and provided for additional staff who will, in turn, manage the daily running of the business. It may be a simplified version of our coaching experience but we can now visualise our business in which we work on the business and not in it. Our experience with QMI and Lean Principles has taught us that the training is a continual journey in which you progress from one level to another. Our experience with business coaching is the same story, our purpose and outlook changes as we improve our business. I highly recommend engaging Bill Stack for business coaching. As business owners, it is our education that determines progress and the sooner we learn the smart way of managing our business the sooner our rewards will come. ”

Trevor Bowman – Play Hard Sports Equipment

Coach Bill Stack

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