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Ali Minbashian

Ali Minbashian

Certified Business Coach

Pyrmont, New South Wales

+61 411 616 560

“Ali’s qualifications and international business experience have created the perfect platform for him to coach a diverse range of clients in Australia, New Zealand and the USA.

As a self-starting entrepreneur with demonstrated and ongoing success, he knows the pitfalls of running your own business (or being run by it), as well as the pathway to success.

His multinational human resources background complements his outstanding people and communication skills. As a former wealth strategist, he knows how to maximise wealth across the investment spectrum.

His highly regarded opinions on a range of business matters make him hot property for the media. These are some of his many professional business coaching attributes which are reflected in the numerous international awards he’s won as an Action Coach.

However, underpinning this knowledge and experience are his impressive personal qualities.

He’s confident, honest and frank. Ali will hold you accountable. He will uncover what needs to be done and expect you to do it. This might feel uncomfortable, but you need to do it, that is if you are serious about taking your business to higher ground and stop it from running you. Quite simply, whatever he touches, whatever the industry, Ali gets the runs on the board, providing the client is willing to do whatever it takes.”


“ When I was first approached I was a bit hesitant to spend money on coaching, after all, I had been in business for 25 years and I thought I knew everything I needed to know. I did however give Ali a try and over the last three years, we have managed to take our business to another level. We have more than doubled our total income and we have increased our bottom line by over 150%. For someone who has been running a business in the Financial Service area for this time, I could not speak highly enough of the work that Ali has done, not only for myself but also for my two sons who are now partners in the business. ”

Tony Tanti, Owner – Tanti Financial Services 

Coach Ali Minbashian

“ Coaching has helped me attain a work/life balance with my business I never thought attainable for an owner. Creating buy-in and ownership from our team, and an environment of taking things to the next level – has helped the team and business flourish. With the help of our coach Ali, this challenging process has been made achievable. I highly recommend coaching to any business owner. ”

John Micallef, Owner – Mr Scaffold

Coach Ali Minbashian

“ In regards to our alignment session yesterday, I absolutely loved it, I had interviewed 7 business coaches in the process of starting business coaching and I am so glad I was able to change your mind in you agreeing to work with us. You are able to cut through the mish-mash and explain things in a way that makes perfect sense. I am really looking forward to working with you over the next 2 or 3 years or whatever it takes to make our business a world-class business. Just thought I’d let you know our profits are up 430% since the last financial year, this year was my first full year working just 3 days a week. Goes to show that working smart is better than working hard… many thanks for all your help. ”

Steve Coleman, Owner – Carpe Diem Design

Coach Ali Minbashian

“ Two years after engaging Ali as a coach, we have increased our net profit by 63% and grew our team from 9 to 18 – all the while cutting back my hours from a 70 to a 32 hour week. ”

Peter Issa, General Manager – RPG Demolition

Coach Ali Minbashian

“ In the last 12 months, our net profit has increased over 40%. And that has been achieved on 20 hours less work per week. When I first met Ali, I was working a 90 hour week and it took me 2 months just to find the time to squeeze in a 30-minute coffee. Spending more time with family, picking them up and no longer working on Saturday – that is the dream. I am also coaching kids sports 4 days a week – but only because I enjoy it. ”

John Hope, Managing Director – Western Filters

Coach Ali Minbashian

“ Three months after engaging with Ali, I almost regretted my decision. They made me recognise my personal and professional flaws and set me on a course which was uncomfortable and challenging, especially to my ego; it was my business after all. I started it and built it, but I was also chained to it. They quickly identified areas in my operation which needed focusing on. Bloody well nothing ever gets past them, they operated like a CEO above me. They knew exactly what needed to be done and they wouldn’t let up; they were relentless and demanding until I took action. Thank God. It was so worth it. ”

Derek McMahon, Owner – McMahons Transport

Coach Ali Minbashian

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