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Have you ever thought about becoming a business coach but put off your dreams because you weren’t exactly sure how to build your own coaching business? You know you’ve got what it takes to become a successful business coach but building your own business is an entirely new ball game. The good news? Creating your own business coaching business is not as difficult as you might think, and here at ActionCOACH, we want to show you how. We have created an entire course for those who want to create their own coaching business but aren’t sure how, this free 5 part webinar series includes: marketing, sales, finance, coaching and personal development. This free webinar series is designed to give you the confidence about stepping out with your next career move to becoming a successful business coach.


Marketing: How to Successfully Market Your Business

In the first webinar, you’ll learn about how to successfully market your business coaching business from guest speaker Brett Odgers. Brett has 20 years of business experience and is also the author of two books: Playing Above The Line and Staying Above The Line. In this first exciting webinar, Brett will be talking about all things marketing and how you can successfully market yourself as a business coach, even if you’ve never had any kind of marketing experience. You’ll learn all about the importance of being a trusted authority in your field, and how to become one. 


Sales: Improving Your Close Rate

How do you convert leads to customers? How do you build a relationship with potential clients? In the second webinar, you will learn all about sales from Hugh Bowman, who has 20 years of business success and a background in Engineering. Hugh’s clients grow an average of 50% in revenue in the first year of working with him, so safe to say he knows a thing or two about selling. Hugh will be sharing how he has mastered the ’13 step sales system’ to improve close rates from leads to customers. You’ll also discover how you can improve your close rates by building rapport, asking the right questions, following up with potential clients and being prepared.


Finance: Why Numbers Are Important

Brian Higazi is the principal of Rise Business Coaching and has over 20 years’ experience in the financial services industry. He has worked for large corporations like Price Waterhouse Coopers and has won many awards for his incredible level of service and financial advice. In the third webinar, Brian will help make the finance aspect of business coaching simple. He will be discussing why numbers are important and how to recognise the breakeven point so you will be able to help your future clients achieve their profit goals and beyond.


Coaching Success: Asking The Right Questions

Do you know the difference between coaching and consulting? It’s a common question people ask when engaging a business coach, so it is important you can differentiate the two. In the fourth webinar, you’ll hear from guest speaker Brad Flynn who has 20 years’ management experience in a variety of industries. His particular strengths lie in the implementation of systems, marketing, sales and building qualified and motivated teams. Brad has owned and managed a variety of successful business and is one of the top 100 coaches in the world!

Brad will teach you about the difference between coaching and consulting, and how to ask the right questions. He will also teach you exactly how a successful business coach helps their clients achieve their goals.


Personal Development: The Importance of Learning and Developing Yourself

As a business coach, it is important that you continually learn and develop yourself. In the fifth and final webinar, you’ll hear from Adam Scully who has 20 years’ business experience in roles such as: sales, tech support, operations and senior management. He has also successfully created and sold a profitable start-up. Adam will be discussing the importance of always learning and developing yourself in order to stay ahead of the game. You will learn all about how business coaching is about developing people, and how when you grow, you are continuing to ensure the success of your clients.

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