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Are your people really happy in the workplace? A lack of engagement leads to low motivation and issues with mental health. Find out how to keep your people happy, healthy, and motivated.

Gallup, a group that examines businesses from over 140 countries to come up with its stats and figures, is known to publish its Annual State of the Workplace report. And what it found out about employee engagement in 2017 will shock you.

According to them, only 15% of employees around the world feel engaged in their work.

That’s bad news for you as a business owner, as it means many of your people aren’t as productive as they could be. They struggle with a lack of motivation that stops them from giving their all at work.

But it’s bad news for your people, too.

A disengaged employee is an employee who has no passion for their work. This feeling of constantly having to grind away can leave people feeling demoralised and depressed. And as we become increasingly aware of mental health issues in the workplace, we should aim to counter this problem.

Some of the world’s most prominent businesses already have. In this article, we’ll share how Disney, Facebook, and more keep their people motivated.

Disney – Walk with Your People

In an article published on Inc.com, the Disney Institute talks about how it develops leaders. One of its keys is to encourage its leaders to get involved in “leader walks”. In many cases, leaders will get into costume and work on the front lines with their people. This is particularly important at Disney’s theme park attractions.

As the article explains:

“One Disney best practice that can help leaders stay actively involved is “leader walks,” which are opportunities for leaders to be immersed with their team in the midst of the operation and to get to know their Cast Members on a more personal level.”

There’s a simple idea here.

Your people on the front line can often identify challenges that you, as a leader, can’t see. Spending time working alongside them doesn’t only show that you’re one of them. It also gives you the chance to see issues that directly affect your team’s performance.

Facebook – No Rigid Office Hours

Facebook prioritises flexibility above all else when it comes to its people. It knows that people are at their best when they’re trusted to complete their work and able to do so at a time that suits them.

That’s why the company offers flexible working hours to all of its people. It also allows employees to work from home whenever they need to.

Think about how something similar could impact your employees.

If you have parents on your team, this flexibility enables them to spend more time with their children. This valuable time with family serves as a big motivator for them, in addition to improving mental health. Furthermore, this flexibility demonstrates that you trust your people to do what they need to do. Again, that’s a huge motivator because it creates a level of autonomy that your people will appreciate.

Google – Googlegeist

Google has a simple mission when it comes to building a workplace culture:

“To create the happiest, most productive workplace in the world.”

The company does a great job of fulfilling that mission, which is why it’s regularly named as one of the best places to work.

Google has many strategies for keeping its people engaged and motivated. But perhaps the most interesting is its Googlegeists.

These are enormous surveys that ask for feedback from Google employees all over the world. Its aim is to identify any common issues that need resolving. The company then creates teams of employees to focus specifically on resolving those issues.

Essentially, this is Google’s way of getting honest and open feedback from its people. But what’s most important here is that the company takes action on what it learns. Feedback means very little if you don’t do anything with it!

Mecca Brands – Empower Your People

Australians already know that Mecca does a great job of providing beauty products to its people. But what you may not know is that the company consistently gets voted as one of the best places to work in Australia.


Mecca’s founder, Jo Horgan, explains:

“At Mecca, we aim to empower women to look and feel their best, and we cannot do that if we don’t empower our own people to be the best they can be. We strive to create a workplace, which feeds both their mind and their spirit, and to create a culture, which is as inspiring as it is nurturing.”

This translates to providing as many training opportunities as possible for the company’s people. Mecca’s success stems from its ability to nurture from within to help its employees reach their full potential.

Take a page out of their book.

Empower your people to be the best that they can be too. Quality training and active mentorship from respected leaders create huge motivational boosts.

Apple – Little Perks Make a Big Difference

Even as the world’s largest tech company, Apple understands that it’s the little things that matter to employees. That’s why the company offers a wide range of perks and benefits for its people.

For example, all Apple employees get discounts on the company’s products. This makes cutting-edge technology more affordable to them and turns them into brand advocates. The company also holds regular “beer bashes”, which create chances for employees to mingle with each other out of work.

And perhaps its most amusing perk is that the company offers free apples to all employees.

These simple perks help to bring its people closer together, as well as keeping them engaged with the company.

How Do You Motivate Your People?

The message here is that the most successful businesses in the world put their people first. They recognise that work is about more than just getting the job down. People want to feel inspired and happy at the place that they spend most of their time.

Ask yourself what you can do to motivate your people.

Can you emulate any of the ideas that these major brands share? Perhaps you can come up with your own ways of showing your people that you appreciate them?

No matter what, ActionCoach can help you. Get in touch today to speak to a business coach about how you can improve your business for your people.

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