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If you are thinking about becoming a business coach then one of the things you are probably wondering about, is all the different ways in which you can make money as a business coach.


Business coaching is an extremely lucrative and rewarding career that is centered around motivating, mentoring and supporting people on their paths to business success and there is more than one way to do this.

Times have changed dramatically since the business coaching industry was pioneered and you are not limited to one-on-one coaching anymore. As we see it, a coach should have a range of service offerings to meet the needs of those businesses who have just started and for those looking to scale up their business. That way as a coach you have an array of complimentary services that you can offer to any size business, each providing inroads into another.

Here are 8 ways you could make money as a business coach:


1. One-to-One Coaching Programmes

There is big demand for business coaching and many businesspeople want a high level of personal attention, service and mentorship that comes with one-on-one coaching. Our one-to-one coaching system is so solidly proven that you can guarantee results for your clients. Use the system – it works! Remember that marketing your skills and services is crucial to attracting one-on-one clients. Keep a consistent level of marketing until you have at least 12 clients.


2. Group Coaching Programmes

If you are wanting to leverage your time better and engage with more people in each session having a few group coaching programmes might just be a good option for you. Many companies consider coaching as an integral part of their leadership and business development. These coaching sessions can also run the gamut in professional development. Remember to make sure your group coaching programmes are align with each clients’ goals and objectives so that everyone gets value from the programme.


3. Training Programmes

Companies are realising that up-skilling and training staff is not only essential for optimising productivity and performance, but also for retaining good talent. Create a range of training programmes  across various topics such as sales, marketing, finance etc. or you can even use your magic toolkit to design programmes that are customised to your clients’ needs. Either way training programmes are a great way to not only get new clients but can also act as a retention tool for your current clients.


4. Workshops and Seminars

Hosting regular workshops and seminars for business owners and managers is another great way to maximise the use of your time. Whilst equipping your attendees with the knowledge and skillset they need to take the first steps to improve their business, you can also consider these workshops as great networking opportunities for your own business. Attendees might be ready to jump into one-one-one coaching with you based on their experience at one of your seminars.


5. Assessments as a Service

It’s widely understood that understanding personalities, learning styles and behavioural traits makes managing business easier and people more productive. By offering assessments as a service, you can help businesses understand their people better so that they can customise training and build stronger teams. There are a range of different assessment tools out there which are designed to improve many business areas, from recruitment to sales and customer service.


6. Online Coaching Programmes

Another great way to leverage your time is by creating online coaching programmes which provides your clients with a gamified learning environment similar to those on Udemy for example, whilst meeting regularly with the group for a coaching session. This is a create tool for those clients who are time poor but are committed to making the changes in their business.


7. Business Retreats

Business retreats are a great way to get your clients or business owners focusing on their business without the distractions of their day to day life and the happening of what’s going on in the office. Retreats give provide the opportunity for them to not on get clear on their goals but also provides time for them to take care of themselves and what they want.


8. Speaking Opportunities

Speaking at community or corporate events, roundtables and forums is an excellent way to bolster your profile as a business coach. If you plan it right, you could be speaking to a captive audience of potential coaching clients. Make sure you have a solid speaker profile with a list of your topics, and keep your eyes peeled for speaker opportunities at events available in your area.


Becoming a business coach is an extremely lucrative and rewarding career that is centered around motivating, mentoring and supporting people on their paths to business success. Having a range of different service offerings provides you with the opportunity leverage your time, help more people and make more money. By joining a business coaching franchise like ActionCOACH you get access to our product ladder with all the proven tools, systems and methodologies designed to create success for both you and your clients. Want to find out more? Contact Us Below.

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