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ActionCOACH Franchise



ActionCOACH is the #1 Business Coaching Franchise in the world*. It’s also the largest business coaching franchise in the world. The ActionCOACH brand has been internationally franchised since 1997 and currently has around 1,000 offices in 70+ countries around the world. ActionCOACH is an active member of the International Franchise Association, a member of the Franchise Council of Australia and also of New Zealand. As well one of the Top 100 Franchises overall, one of the Top 20 Home Based Franchises and one of the Top 25 Fastest Growing Franchises.

So how did ActionCOACH become the powerhouse it is today? ActionCOACH essentially emerged as an overnight success in 1993 when founder Brad Sugars started running seminars and workshops for small to medium sized business owners throughout Australia and New Zealand. Thanks to Brad’s training, for the first time ever, business owners had access to incredibly powerful – yet relatively simple and affordable – sales, marketing and team building strategies that ultimately transformed their businesses and their lives.

To this day, over 500,000 aspiring entrepreneurs have attended ActionCOACH’s seminars, and over 15,000 business owners across the globe each week discover that hiring an ActionCOACH Business Coach is one of the best decisions they’ve ever made. Our vision is “World Abundance Through Business Re-education” – it’s what we live and breathe and it underpins everything we do.

So now that you know a little about the story of ActionCOACH, let’s go a bit further and look at everything else you need to know and how to get in on the action.

* Rated by Entrepreneur Magazine


What’s on this page:

What is the Cost of Buying an ActionCOACH Franchise?

How Much Can I Earn Owning an ActionCOACH Franchise?

The Benefits of Owning an ActionCOACH Franchise

ActionCOACH Vs Other Business Coaching Franchises

What Support Do You Get from ActionCOACH?

What is it Like Owning an ActionCOACH Franchise?

ActionCOACH Franchise in Australia and New Zealand


What is the Cost of Buying an ActionCOACH Franchise?

When you invest in an ActionCOACH franchise, what you’re really doing is investing in yourself. ActionCOACH is the largest business coaching franchise in the world and one of the most successful due to the fact that we’ve had over 20 years to develop a coaching model that guarantees results every single time. 

When buying an ActionCOACH franchise, your initial outlay includes everything you’ll need to run your business. Your upfront investment includes a huge array of powerful and educational tools that will kick-start your business and teach you how to be successful in life, in business and in your own ActionCOACH franchise. You also receive an in-depth 7-day live-in training program, which will teach you everything you need to know about using the unique ActionCOACH system and how to market and sell your services to clients.

Investing in the ActionCOACH system means you’re purchasing the franchise rights to operate an ActionCOACH Business Coaching Business. It provides you with the complete ActionCOACH system that covers sales, marketing and coaching. And, you will also receive your very own personal success coach whose job is to keep you on track. Not to mention you’ll have access to a global support group and a network of other coaches with whom you can share ideas, successes and experiences.

When talking dollars and cents, the cost of buying an ActionCOACH franchise can be broken down into these 3 basic levels:

1. Single Practitioner, starting at $44,500 + training

2. A three coach Franchise at $64,500 + training

3. Unlimited coach Franchise at $275,000 + training.

So whether you want to go it alone or own a business coaching ‘empire’ there is an ActionCOACH model to suit you.


How Much Can I Earn Owning an ActionCOACH Franchise?

Our proven range of products and services is how you’ll earn your income. The question of how much you can earn as an ActionCOACH franchise owner … well that comes down to you and how much you’re wanting to put into the business. However, here are some basic figures to get you started.

Through ActionCOACH’s flagship product, our 1-2-1 Mentoring Program, you will earn on approximately $2,000 per month per client. The Mentoring Program involves you running fortnightly or weekly sessions that run for about one hour with each of your clients over the phone or in person, and guiding them in the behaviours and knowledge to implement specific strategies relevant to their business' position at any time. The products and services listed below are designed to be add-on services for existing business coaching clients:

  • Alignment Consultations – from $1,200
  • ActionCLUB Group Coaching – from $1,500/person
  • PlanningCLUB – from $2,500 per attendee
  • Executive Business Coaching – from $500 per hour
  • GrowthCLUB 90 Days Planning – from $350 per attendee
  • MentorCLUB – from $500 a month per member
  • In-house Training – from $2,500 per day
  • Books, DVDs and CDs retail – from $18 – $695

As an ActionCOACH franchise owner, your target clients will be owners of businesses from a variety of industry sectors. Usually, they will have a turnover of over $500,000 and are looking to introduce new and innovative methods and systems that can generate more growth or increased profits in their business, free up their time or improve their team’s productivity.

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The Benefits of Owning an ActionCOACH Franchise

Perhaps one of the greatest benefits of owning an ActionCOACH franchise is that ActionCOACH supports you 100% of the way. We provide you with all the tools and knowledge you’ll need to improve your clients’ businesses and their lives. You will also receive plenty of comprehensive training and support throughout the lifetime of your franchise with our various programs.

When you buy an ActionCOACH franchise, you also receive your own Master Licensee who will work closely with you to get your business up and running in no time. You will have the support to help you master every aspect of your business coaching business, and a personal mentor to work through any problems you’re facing on a 1-2-1 basis every week. You’ll be invited to forums, conferences, training days and more – we are always helping our business coaches up-skill and constantly improve themselves. The best part is all of our team (even our global office) are always available to answer any questions you have (no question is a silly question) as you go about building your business.  

Here are just some of the amazing benefits you'll receive as an ActionCOACH franchise owner::

  • 1-2-1 coaching
  • Weekly group coaching
  • Invitations to the Asia Pacific and Global Conferences
  • Day-to-day support and guidance
  • Marketing and sales assistance
  • 1-2-1 initial orientation to help you put your best foot forward

ActionCOACH is proud of the community it’s built, which is one of the greatest benefits of joining the ActionCOACH family. Every one of our coaches around the world also doubles as your very own personal support system.

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ActionCOACH v's Other Business Coaching Franchises

So why should you choose ActionCOACH over the countless other business coaching options out there? Firstly, ActionCOACH is the #1 Business Coaching Franchise in the world and secondly, ActionCOACH is the largest business coaching franchise in the world. But it’s not just our credibility and authority in the business coaching franchise industry that sets us apart, what truly sets ActionCOACH apart from other business coaching options is our investment in you. Our goal is to see you thrive and grow in every aspect of your life and business. If that’s not enough, here are some additional reasons why the ActionCOACH franchise is a cut above the rest.

A great hourly rate

As an ActionCOACH franchisee, you’re delivering a professional service, so you can demand a professional fee. Your high hourly rate coupled with a low overhead, no inventory, repeat clients and huge demand all add to your ROI.

Start earning from day one

Most new companies take years to get off the ground and start turning a profit. Startups need to focus on designing products, services, marketing, sales, websites, training, IT, systems and more. As an ActionCOACH franchisee, you pass GO and head straight to marketing, sales and services from day one.

You can control your own hours

Being an ActionCOACH franchisee allows you to have complete flexibility over your work schedule. You can work 9 to 5, five days a week or any other hours you choose. You work with local clients, local operators, a local team and additionally, you can work from home.

Work with the movers and shakers in your community

Thanks to ActionCOACH’s reputable and trusted brand name, as an ActionCOACH franchisee you’ll be a leader in your community, meaning you’ll be regularly working and socialising with the movers and shakers in your city.

The ultimate workplace culture

As an ActionCOACH franchisee, you’ll have access to more than 1,000 offices across the world, a global office and a local Master Licensee all on your team. It doesn’t matter what you do, teamwork is vital for success, which is why ActionCOACH offers an amazing team and workplace culture.

Complete training and support

You’ll receive extensive training up front, as well as ongoing training and support to make sure you’re up-to-date with industry best practices.

Receive your own coach

When you begin your ActionCOACH journey, you’ll receive your own personal coaching each week. Your coach will mentor you on your road to business success, and will be someone to call on when times get tough or you just need a sounding board.

Multiple income streams

ActionCOACH offers its franchisees multiple income streams to meet the needs of businesses in your local area. From 1-2-1 coaching to group coaching and featured training days monthly and/or quarterly you’ll be able to offer different services to make sure you’re able to help your local business community no matter what their size or budget.

Your bright future

Becoming an ActionCOACH franchisee opens so many doors thanks to all your training and growth, your contributions, and the people you meet. You’ll be amazed at all the opportunities that will start coming your way. This is only the beginning of your entrepreneurial journey.

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What Support Do You Get from ActionCOACH?

From the get-go, you’ll be provided with all the tools and knowledge you need to make a huge impact on your clients’ businesses, as well as your own. By the time you begin coaching, you’ll be a master of the most powerful business secrets out there. And, you’ll also know the secret to multiplying business profits and creating wealth you only ever dreamed about. Thanks to the support ActionCOACH provides, you will be fully armed and ready to achieve amazing results that will continually impress your clients.

Unlike many of the other business coaching options out there, when you join with ActionCOACH, your initial 7-day training program is just the beginning. Many other franchises will train you at the start, and leave you to find your own way after that. Yet with ActionCOACH, you’re continually learning, growing and improving your skills. We support our franchise owners with plenty of reading materials, seminars, workshops, conferences, online chat groups and forums to make sure you feel confident to take on the world of business coaching.

Furthermore, ActionCOACH has a two-tiered administration and support system, which provides our franchisees with the best of both worlds. Your ActionCOACH regional office is responsible for the overall administration, direction, development and marketing of ActionCOACH. Then, you also receive a Master Licensee who will provide you with ongoing support and guidance. When you join with ActionCOACH, help is never far away.

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What is it Like Owning an ActionCOACH Franchise?

As an ActionCOACH franchisee, your role is to help the owners of small-to-medium sized businesses with all their sales, marketing, management, team-building, direction and goal-setting needs. Basically, you’re their sounding board, confidant, mentor and coach … all in one! So what exactly is it like owning an ActionCOACH franchise? The great thing about business coaching is every day and week is different. One day you could be meeting a prospective client another coaching a client over the phone, another day preparing and delivering a powerful seminar to a group of business owners. You have the freedom and flexibility to choose how you spend your time, which is one of the biggest appeals for many ActionCOACH franchise owners.

However, like all new entrepreneurial journeys, the first 12 months of owning an ActionCOACH franchise are the hardest. It’s not because of the amount of work you’ll be doing, but mostly because the work will be different to anything you’ve ever experienced. The learning curve ActionCOACH franchisees go through is steep, but we can guarantee that you will learn more as an ActionCOACH in the first 12-18 months than you’d learn anywhere else. Being new to the business coaching industry, you’ll be trying out a variety of different sales and marketing strategies as you discover the ones that will work the best for you and your business.

Initially, you’ll be spending at least 25 hours a week working on marketing, sales and education. And, as your business grows, you’ll inevitably start working more hours. As a first year apprentice, you will likely be working anywhere from 40 to 60 hours per week. However, as you settle in to your business, we’d suggest you spend around 2 hours per week per client, with one hour spent on coaching and the other hour doing preparation work. We do recommend that when you have between 8 to 12 clients, you hire a personal assistant so you can control your time more efficiently. It’s at this point you can start to choose the hours of work that suit you, your clients and prospects.

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ActionCOACH Franchise in Australia and New Zealand

So, you want to become an ActionCOACH franchisee? We are just as concerned as you are about making sure the ActionCOACH opportunity is the right fit for you. If you live in Australia or New Zealand, we have franchising opportunities just waiting for you. Showing your interest in learning more about us is the first step you’ll take. Next, we will organise a one-on-one interview with your Master Licensee who will ask you to complete an application form before starting your due diligence. You’ll have several meetings with other business coaches before an acceptance interview with an ActionCOACH regional office. This is when your paperwork will be completed and you’ll start your ActionCOACH journey. For all Australian and New Zealand residents who are thinking of joining the ActionCOACH family, head here to start the next chapter of your exciting business coaching life.

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