Andrew Laurie - Sydney

Case Study – Junglefy

The Background

Junglefy was founded by husband and wife team, Jock & Hanna Gammon in 2009. The business emerged from strong market demand for green walls and quickly established themselves as a leader in the delivery of complex and innovative green walls, roofs and facades. A number of iconic Sydney projects, including One Central Park and Barangaroo have demonstrated the significant benefits that Junglefy products have on air quality, on office noise, on temperature control and on the health and happiness of building users.

The early growth in the business was driven by market demand, as well as the provision of a high- quality product. Years of work with the University of Technology, Sydney, has delivered a body of evidence in support of the positive effects of the Junglefy product. Their products now filter the air more effectively than normal commercial air treatment systems.

The Issues

By 2016, the business had a good reputation for its innovative products but, internally, was far less developed. Jock was leading product development and sales, while Hanna, as CEO, was running the business. Hanna recognized the enormous opportunity in front of them but also that she was down in the weeds trying to get the business stable. Cash flow management, process consistency and staff issues were all demanding her time; preventing her from focussing on larger growth opportunities. She’d been seeking a coach, without success, for some years and met Andrew in May, 2016.


The ActionPLAN

1. Professionalise the Business
In the early stages of working together, much of our focus was on implementing appropriate controls and systematizing the business. This included improved cashflow forecasting, budgeting and financial reporting, bringing to life the vision, mission and culture, defining the org chart, introducing KPI’s and codifying many of the processes in the business. In the context of an improved business planning process, this work all provided the foundation upon which Junglefy could accelerate its growth.

2. Upgrade the Team
Some 9 months into the coaching journey, Hanna was ready to appoint a General Manager to manage the business for her. This was intended to free up Hanna to focus on the larger synergy growth opportunities in the business, as well as getting someone into the GM role skilled and able to focus on further refinement of the operating processes in the business. An external appointment was made and has been a great success. Suzie, the new GM, picked up all day-to-day management immediately and Hanna largely stopped coming to the office; focusing instead on opportunities to expand the business internationally and to drive further product innovation. Suzie has, in turn, recruited several key roles in functions across the business.

3. Develop Sales and Marketing
The product was always strong but the sales and marketing operation was far less developed. The team have introduced a managed sales process, sales training and appropriate KPI’s. They have recruited new sales people and are currently recruiting a senior Head of Sales and Marketing. They have successfully targeted larger opportunities and new verticals. This sales and marketing operation forms another foundation to their current and future growth.


The Results

Junglefy has grown in the last couple of years from $3.5million in revenue to this year expecting $8.5million. The team has grown from 23 to just over 30. Jock and Hanna have far greater visibility over the business. Plans, budgets and appropriate reporting are in place. Suzie and her team are managing the business well, leaving Jock and Hanna freedom to enjoy more time with their kids, their friends and their various travel plans; as well as time to execute the huge growth opportunities in front of them.


The Future Plan

To date, almost all projects have been in NSW. A focus on VIC and QLD has just started to deliver meaningful revenue. Having also now won large projects with Infrastructure NSW, government promises to be a large channel of further growth. Most significantly, Junglefy is in the process of entering China, through a licensing and agency model. The combination of massive development and dirty air implies an enormous opportunity! They have also commenced discussions with a possible European Agent. International growth will form a significant part of the next 5 years for Junglefy.